Kenny Cummins


Kenny started officiating years ago, after talking to an official at a football game who helped him get started. Back then, it was really hard to get games. After struggling a few years to find games, Kenny, along with Ron Johnson, created the MMOA to help officials find games in Kansas City and surrounding areas. When the MMOA first started 13 years ago, Kenny recalls spending hours on the phone contacting officials to help with games. Now, with the help of other association members like David Bridgers, and assistance from the internet, assigning officials is much easier. 


Kenny loves to officiate because he loves to be "in the action and getting to talk and communicate with kids and coaches." According to Kenny, his goal is "to always try to make an impact on players.


Kenny is proud of how far the association has come. "I cannot thank everyone enough, who has put forth all the effort and hard work to make this association what it is today. Keep up the good work gentlemen!" While Kenny id proud of the MMOA, the MMOA is really proud of Kenny. Thank you Kenny, for everything you have done to get this organization started!