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Mid Missouri Officials Association


The MMOA was created in 2002, in order to provide officials to small schools South and East of Kansas City, MO. Today, the MMOA has grown to serve schools all around Kansas City and the state of Missouri. Now we serve more than 30 schools, providing quaity officials in every major sport. Every year, we continue to grow and add more schools to our officiating schedule.


As a result of the rapid growth, a need for more officials operating at a high caliber was needed. In 2014, the MMOA created a program to train and mentor new officials. This program helps new officials get started and puts them on a fast track to moving up the officiating ladder. We want to help all officials accomplish their goals and climb the ladder all the way through high school, college, and beyond.


We firmly believe that the reason we continue to grow so fast, is our dedication to training and professionalism. We make sure that every man or woman that puts on the stripes is ready to officiate the best game possible by providing high quality training and support.